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I do not know what makes the Hatsan an entry level pcp? Is it the price? I do not think that any pcp is an evtry level rifle as dangerous as they can be, and especially with the high power Hatsans…. I shoot all the time with Daystates, FX Bobcats, Evanix RSII, Jkhan, and many others, and those are not doing no more then a well tuned Hatsan can do, I have a AT44-short in .25cal short and hitting my targets at well over 120yards and 80yards is a routine shot. I can not even think about the last time that I shot under 50yards. A BT65 in .22 is way too much. If you took the time to tune and or to regulate it, It will be a very nice shooter. Is it a FX, Or Air Arms piece of art? No its a rock solid hunting rifle that Hatsan went thru extreme measure to target a price point that can be affordable to many, with the same accuracy and power as others in the high end market. I would wait cause their 2016 line up is yet another example of good things to come.. If I were you I would look into the Bull Boss in .25cal