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 Right, UK version had a slip on to threaded adaptor, the adaptor it’self wasn’t admired too much ( most replaced/removed it) however the longer barrels seems to have fewer complaints.
 Crosman doesn’t seem to communicate with whoever types there advertisments. And there chosen forum posted does NOT want to hear about typo’s/misstatements some of which can./may make a difference,  as in if ANY written literature They state the “airbow” has a .357 barrel , ( no  “I” don’t think so???) that the arrow slides over. So if trying to get one approved for hunting as “it has a .357 barrel”  may be a problem and once printed it is very hard to take back. Naturally most hard core airgun folks can figure out whats what but any regulatory body will go with whats written.

 I’ll be needing one of those maximus rifle next year but your posting that sale code doesn’t help waiting too much, friend.