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For coyotes you want power. I would go for the condor with the 24 inch barrel and the R and L shroud or the talon tunes shroud also get the talon tunes quick change top hat. Can’t say much about the fx wc but I will be purchasing my fx impact when all the hype goes away. Condor you get versatility. 40 ft lbs or close to 100 ft lbs in .25. Here is my condor and here is my choice for coyotes 70 grain Mr Hollowpoint Hollowpoint send these down range around 800 fps yes it’s not regulated and I get 5 to 8 shots on a fill with these but I get 30 with jsb 25 grain pellets.I won’t be shooting 5 coyotes at one time and try fitting this in a mag fed gun. Yes fx guns are awesome but they have limits on mods and power, Airforce is limitless.