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I have an Air Force condor the bottle is 490 cc I think. I get about 30 shots at around 880 to 900fps with the talon tunes quick change top hat and power wheel set on 7. I start at 3000 psi and end at 2500. My spread of fps is around 25 fps with jsb 25.4 grain pellets but at lower pressure shooting further distances out past my zero of 50 yards I know how much to hold over to use. I use the hill mk4 pump. I also have a Benjamin pump that I got with my Discovery for my girlfriend to pest with me. I use it as my field pump and a backup pump. The hill is strictly home use out of the cold damp air and the hill is a lot easier to pump for those days im out in the woods all day come home and my gun is below 2500 psi. My closest dive/scuba shop is 2.5 hours away so no bottle for me. I calculated it to be about 10 to 15 psi drop per shot and it’s about 12 pumps per 100 psi with my hill pump. I weight 145 and I have no trouble at all. When you first start pumping it will feel weird. It’s not like pumping a bicycle tire pump at my weight you gotta put some effort in it. The key is go slow take a break maybe play a round of call of duty Then go back at it. I think I counted close to 350 pumps from 0 to 3000 psi but that was my first time filling and my first time using the pump. You will have some half strokes of the pump also. Be sure to bleed the line at around 50 pumps because you get moisture build up and it’s not good for the tank or the pump.