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COG, one of the things to consider if you are going to buy a PCP like the Air Force is the amount of support equipment it needs.   They are great because you fill them and then get anywhere from 20 to 60 shots out of them, depending on their power.  You don’t have to cock the barrel spring or gas ram for each shot.  With PCP’s it’s the filling them that is expensive.  Most people start out with a hand pump.   Then you use gun in the basement or backyard to sight it in and practice and you want to shoot hundreds of shots.  So you use the hand pump and after your first day you think “Man, this sucks.”  It’s not like pumping a bicycle tire, it’s like pumping up a (I imagine) 747 tire.  So then the next option, if you have a dive shop around to fill it, is to get a carbon fiber tank and fitting to the tune of $500 to $800.      Now you have LOTs of shots and refilling your rifle is easy.  Some go so far as getting a compressor to fill the tank.

It may seem like I am trying to scare you away.  I’m not.  Almost all of us with a PCP have gone down the path and have been happy to do so and found its worth every cent.