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Considering a hand pump is about $200 and a carbon 4500 lb fiber bottle is about $300, if you have a paintball shop close by, go with the bottle.

I have a Marauder.  215cc bottle.  It takes approximately 3 pumps per shot.  About 100 pumps to get from 1500 pounds to 2700 pounds.  I weigh 175 and basically have to lean the middle aged stomach on the pump at the higher pressures.  Takes 15 minutes or so to fill a bottle half the size you have.  It is quite a work out for a middle aged person (me!)

Filling from the bottle takes about 15 seconds.  

I have a PCP to shoot, not as an exercise program.  It may affect your accuracy as well.  Exercising and shooting shortly after means your heart will be pumping and causing some shake for the first few shots.  

For an average pump and a 500cc bottle, figure 200 pumps, at least 15 minutes to pump it up and a few minutes to shoot the tank empty.

I think you’ll find shooting much more enjoyable with the tank.  You will shoot more and enjoy more and won”t waste time pumping and resting between tanks.