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I_Like_IronsYou need to identify first what you want the thing(s) to do.  If you want to punch out the little period that is the ten ring on 10 meter targets, then you are looking at something completely different if your goal is to take whitetail deer.  Between these two extremes are where most of us want our airgun roles to fill. 

Among the popular airgun sports, are the following:  25 yard or meter benchrest;  75 yard benchrest;  Long range  (100 yards plus) precision shooting;  Field Target; small pest control;  medium pest control; meat hunting of small game and birds; medium game and large game hunting; outdoor conventional position shooting;  indoor precision shooting (including the four positions of standing, kneeling, sitting and prone); and formal or informal gallery target shooting.

Each of these sports have airguns that are better suited than another.  Some will cross over between them more easily than others.   Your choice(s) will be determined by what you want to do.  

See i had no clue there were this many different categories of the sport so listing them off like you did helps me research by giving me keywords to use. I’ll start with the youtube channels mentioned along with these category keywords to start zeroing in on what I want to do