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A bit depends on how much you weigh.  I am only 140 lbs or so, and I have to use a particular technique to get to 2900 psi with either a Hill, or Benjamin pump.  Getting to 3K is a stretch at my weight.  The technique is as follows:

Bring the pump handle up while standing erect. Push the handle down with your arms until they are straight but elbows not locked.  Then squat to bring the handle down the rest of the way.  Do not try to bend over to get the last part of the stroke, especially if you do not have a lot of upper body weight.  You need to use the energy of your falling weight as you squat to get the last bit of compression.   It helps a bit to pause before you squat.

Note:  With all compressors, if you can get the heat of compression to dissipate, the energy required goes down.  However, with the three and four stage concentric compressors that are hand pumps, it takes a lot of time to get the heat energy out of the pump.  Still, going slow, in the long run, is easier. 

I’ve used the the Hill, Benjamin, and just a bit with the FX pumps.  I got the Benjamin before I knew all that much.  Were I to start over, I’d get the Hill and not look at the package of the Marauder with Benjamin pump.   But then, if I had done that, I might not have the SCUBA tank I have now.