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Glad to hear this.  A personal friend purchased a new AA HFT from the US importer some months ago and, after the initial 2 or 3 cans of pellets, the airgun is not grouping at all. The normal actions that can be taken by the owner without voiding the warranty have been taken, including testing of all kinds and weights of pellets, sorting them, cleaning barrel, using multiple fill preassures, etc, etc, etc. 
All efforts to have the situation remedied have failed. After shipping the airgun to the authorized distributor, at the owner’s expense, and various teleconversations with them, they refuse to acknowledge the problem and solve it, one way or another. BTW, the rifle has less than a year.  With the information published here my friend will now refer the situation directly to AA.  Hopefully they’ll resolve the matter to the customer’s satisfaction.
Pedro in PR