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“ajshoots”The Diablo filter uses molecular sieve, not desiccant beads. That is what I am curious about? Did the Diablo come with directions or a manual that stated the lifespan of the molecular sieve?

I didn’t receive a manual with my Diablo. I have researched trying to determine the lifespan of the molecular sieve pellets and have found that  there are many “variables” that affect the lifetime. (Of course). Flow rates, air moisture content, temperatures, are some of the major ones. I’m referring to time to saturate the media not time to renew. I do remember seeing a chart on a Scuba diving forum that was showing times between 2 and 8 hours of pressurized use before rejuvenating the beads. However, I also noted that unlike regular desiccant, the method used to rejuvenate molecular sieve beads requires heating at a higher temperature and “under a vacuum” ? So if you have a “wet” system it might require more maintenance. Since AOA handles these filters I’m sure that they carry the media.