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hi shooter! thanks for the warm welcome. glad to be surrounded by such a friendly bunch. I’m not sure if it floats my boat! but I bought a ruger Blackhawk elite 177 from Walmart’s.  I have to say so far so good. it came with a 4×32 scope that’s working ok for now but hoping to pick up a cvlife 3-9×56 so I can see from a distance better. I have it sighted in for 25 yards at present and can keep them in a 1.5 inch circle. I think that’s pretty decent considering such a cheap price of $100. seems to have plenty of power too. I have some 1/2 osb board as my backstop and it blows right thru it shooting premier hollow points 7.9 gram pellets. I have tried 2 other pellets which were wad cutters and another made by Swiss arms that are pointed pellets. the premiers shoot the best so far. my local Walmart’s doesn’t stock a big variety but think my next can will be just the domed without the hollow. I think they might be a touch better for accuracy. I plan to pick up a 22 Cal as soon as I can. back in the day I owned a pump bolt action Benjamin 22 cal and it was a beast. this is my first springer and love not having to pump or buy co2 tanks. I can already see this is gonna be a fun hobby!