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The RWS 34 seems to be a no brainer after finding them on Amazon for $231/shipped (the 34P model with the synthetic stock, which is fine for me). I sent the request into the girl :)..

After reading reviews and using your input honestly I do not see anything that I would be comfortable buying “for the $$” for more than $120, until you get up to the RWS 34.

Basically there seems to be a bunch of perfectly fine & powerfull starter rifles for about $120 bucks that get decent reviews & work OK, that Gamo 1250 seemingly being a good starter setup.. But nothing is really reviewed as being of much quality until you get to the RWS 34, which has gotta be the most mentioned model when I started digging around (and obviously based on the feedback here too, thanks for that!).

So to me anyway, based on your input and this research, when it comes to a $200 air rifle, I’d probably steer someone in two directions – either spend the extra 100 bucks & get an RWS, or get yourself something like that Gamo for $120 and throw it out when you are done. Seems like everything in between is just a more expensive cheaply built gun. Now I will see for myself, thanks again!