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Hi timskie, also in the UK and have had  a .22 sub 12 WC for nearly 6 months. Love it. Thinking about a slot for an FAC .25.

First of all, if its a new gun, have you cleaned the barrel? I used a pull through and then some VFG 22 cleaning pellets, the first moistened with gun oil.
(Make sure fluff doesn’t accumulate in the shroud). There was loads of crud in my new barrel and it took about a dozen felt pellets before they came out clean.

After that, it took at least a couple of hundred pellets to get the barrel leaded in and for me to dial into the rifle properly.

Pellet wise, mine likes jsb exacts and exact heavies in 5.52. Also likes JSB express, but JSB RS not so much. I got samples of exacts in 5.51 and 5.53, but they were no better. IIRC it hated H&N FTTs.

8 shot groups:
0.4″ edge to edge, at 22yards.
1.25″ Edge to edge outside at 58yards light side wind JSB 18gr Heavies. 11.3fpe.

Have you chronographed yours?