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Woooo congrats. I have to agree, Benjamin Bulldog has such a amazing price point. It also has a super aggressive/alien/railgun look to it. I am trying to save up for a slayer. Not sure if I want the rifled version or the bullpup. Im thinking bullpup since I just got a 300$ Hatsan QE at10 .25. And I gotta say, it is SUPER heavy. Not even back heavy, which is what most people want, its front heavy! Its extremely accurate though, so definitely worth it. On the topic of the legality standpoint of hunting with a big bore. I’d have to say it is super ethical as long as you give a headshot. Body shots on deer, if you only hit the lungs(which happens alot), will let them run 25-75 yards.

What I think we need is more PCPs in stores like: Gander Mountain, Sports Academy, Bass Pro Shops, Walmart, and others to name a few. This will spread news to how amazing PCPs are and will make it more well known. Then someday it will make it to Washington. I’d at least hope Crossman will do it with their new 200$ PCP. 

Heck if they do it with the Big Bore Benjamin Bulldog, then ;)