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I wish I could convince WAR or AAA to send me a Flex or a Slayer…as a PR/advertisement promotional gift.  I keep checking the mail but nothing yet. 😉

On a serious note though, selling any airgun bigger than .177 in Washington is going to be an uphill battle.  It is illegal to hunt with airguns, except for a handful of unclassified (ie non-game) animals.  The regulations were written to ensure the ethical harvest of game animals.  I agree with that, but the regs were probably written decades ago and haven’t been revisited since then.  They explicitly list the methods acceptable for harvesting game animals.  Airguns are excluded.  No one will ask to modify this rule because no one has any of the more powerful airguns because we can’t use them to hunt game animals.  It’s a big, circular problem.  They need to get a groundswell of people asking for the rules to be changed, but that won’t happen unless people know about airguns that are capable of hunting small/big game. I suggest that AAA, WAR, and Crosman all send a .357 model airgun to all the Washington state members on the map as a advertisement so that they can show other people in the state what airguns can do now.