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The Wolverine B Hi-Lite .25 doesn’t have a single loading tray yet. I’m hoping AoA will have a supply in a couple more weeks.  

I’ve only put about 100 pellets through it so far.  I filled to 225 bar (max is supposed to be 230).  Number of shots was 39. Average FPS (31.1 grain Cuda) 823, extreme spread 84, standard deviation 25.  First shot was 848 FPS. Dropped to 828 on 20th shot. 32nd shot was 800. 39th shot was 772. FPE started at 50 and ended at 41. 

I haven’t been able to check POI at anything longer than 12 yards (basement range).  I’m hoping the numbers above allow me 30 shots with no POI change at my squirrel hunting max distance of about 35 yards?  

I don’t know if this rifle could be “regulated” to reduce that standard deviation or not? 

I’m quite new at this.  Frankly, what I know is what you folks write. I’m primarily an archer.