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I’ve had both the FX Royale 500 and a RAW HM1000X, each .25, not .30 but for the sake of comparison I don’t think it’ll matter much. Long story short, I kept the FX Royale for 2 years and still regret selling it. It was quieter, more accurate, I had fewer problems with it and the side lever action was much smoother. Not to mention that it was MUCH lighter than the RAW. The RAW by comparison seems like it takes 2 men and a boy scout to lug around. I only had the RAW for a month and won’t miss it if I never have another one. I know they have a cult like following but I guess I’m one of the few that just doesn’t get it. I really don’t see where there is such a great value for the money. Maybe if you’re a machinist or a competent tuner they have the potential to be awesome? I don’t know for sure and regardless, for that kind of money I want competent accuracy out of the box without tinkering, never mind having to overcome issues just to get the gun to function properly.

The one concession I have to give to the RAW was that it hands down had the best trigger I’ve ever used. Regardless, the trigger on the FX was still so good that if you ever missed your target you could not blame it on the trigger and I was perfectly happy shooting it the way it came out of the box for 2 years.

Best luck with whatever you choose.