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I have the Noblesse in regular configuration (non bullpup) and I fitted a HuMa regulator. Prior to fitting I was getting super high velocity before in the 1037fps range in .22 which is way too hot. The velocity had no real curve. More like an ever decreasing velocity shot to shot. Once the regulator was installed, I used JSB 18.13 pellets, and got a consistent 50 shots on the regulator at around 865fps or so. SD was very low at 4.4fps. That puts it at approximately 29.83 FPE ! It is very consistent now. I would thoroughly recommend a HuMa reg in these guns. Nick at Air Superiority also helped me out immensely with some troubleshooting. If you do fit. HuMa reg, you will likely need to finely hone out the air cylinder where the O’ring sits as it is possible for a slow leak down of air over a period of two days. Honing with 240 grit, then 400 grit wet and dry and clean out with brakeleen spray did the trick.