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Yeah, well you know how Ted is a super bad influence on our wallets and airgun collecting. “Trying” to keep it to just these three for awhile as I have all my shooting needs and wants met by this set. Plus the one not pictured, because it is my younger son’s air rifle, an Air Venturi Bronco I use to train with him. Actually a REAL nice youth rifle as it is a de-tuned with lighter spring in a magnum gun platform (shorter barrel of course) built by Mendoza. With this super light short stroke spring she only hits about 6 ft/lbs in .177 but with a bloody 14 fps ES and like a 3 fps SD so she drive tacks at about 25 yards.

Thank you though but as I have had the Cricket for only about three months and the RAW for a week you need to give me more time with them before I will consider offers. :D