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To me the issue w/sub $200 guns are poor triggers. One reason the Diana/RWS is so attractive is because of the nice trigger. The Hatsan 95 is in your budget too and it has the Quattro trigger which is nice. That said, some Hatsan purchasers have dealt with tiny pieces of metal left inside from manufacturing that ultimately either ruined a seal or kept the trigger from operating properly. What percentage? Who knows. More folks w/issues on any gun come to a forum and ask for help than folks who get a properly working gun and go to a forum to say ‘it works just like it’s supposed to.’ That said, especially in this price range, whatever gun you get plan on cleaning the barrel before you shoot it and plan on putting a few 100 pellets through it before everything settles in. If your initial groups are too wild then you may have an issue. I have a Hatsan 95 Vortex Gas Ram in .22 and when it’s working properly I can’t think of a better gun for under $200. But when it had to ride the brown truck back for factory service due to the above mentioned damaged seal issue, I was second guessing my choice. Now it’s back and once again I’m enjoying it. My lesson learned in this? Make sure you have TWO guns so when one is down you can still shoot. ;) My 2nd gun was almost the HW95 at Airguns Of Arizona for $330 including shipping. That would complete my ’95’ collection. :)