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I have a lot of pictures about Sarong manufacturing and I do not know how I add pictures soon there will be explained on YouTube

Howdy Sniper. Good to see you here. So it is Sarong after all that makes these? :) That is what was suggested on some forums. We are trying to get to the bottom of this where these guns are really made. All we know is that Taumaun is a registered reseller of paintball supplies in Ukraine, and not the manufacturer as they say they are. And that Taipan 2, was designed by a well known Russian airgun master for whom they provided parts – assuming from their Southeast Asia sources. They then took his work and patented it and cut him out of his own project, and made some small changes to the rifle calling it a Mutant. Thus he had to rework the design, simplify things and release something called a Raptor – a mutant sibling with different style trigger system. We also know that the barrels these guns came with into the USA labeled as made in Germany, were in fact Korean made barrels. And we also have a number of Mutant owners here who still are awaiting on the promised CZ replacement barrels. Some folks gave up on waitin and had their own LW barrels machined for them. That is all the information we have so far on these guns at this point.

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Anyway, please do continue with your report, we will help you.