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Apparently, my Gen2 Vulcans (.25) did not come with a reservoir ‘bleed screw’ anymore.  Confirmed it with Pertr from TopGun-Airguns who was also surprised as he checked one of his new in-stock guns. He will check with Airgun Technologies “why”. Maybe cost cutting, albeit that’s not a smart way to cut costs on a product that many decide to buy because it’s easy to service and adjust.  It’s much more convenient to bleed off instead of shooting off the air inside.

I came to realize this as I was about to remove the front gauge for sending it for replacement and wanted to bleed the reservoir.  My gauge seems to get stuck at 210bar even as I fill from a 250bar tank. Petr will take care of it including shipping, and while the parts are with him he will also threw in a free internal “silent-tune”. Great service! 

I did some shooting today and some chrono (Combro) shot strings.  Using unsorted JSB and AA 26gr’s, did great at 50 yards, but only around 2 inches at 100 yard so far (albeit it was consistent) .  I was at an indoors range, so I suspect either: (1) pellets or (2) scope.  Cannot be me or the rifle! :)   I used a one-piece bench rest.  I am sure it needs some cleaning, the barrel looked pretty filthy when I unscrewed the shroud.  Will post some details and couple of groups later as I go trough my notes.