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Including scopes IMO in the package is all about selling to noobs who are looking for a value.  One price every thing you need.  Usually they are not great, but at your price point the rifle won’t be either.  Go for one w/o a scope if you don’t want one.  Otherwise your buying something you can’t use.

For me, I can’t see a .22 hole in paper at 25 feet even with my glasses. Scopes are a must.

One sticky wicket you will hear about is hold sensitivity (just google it), but in a nutshell you need to shoot spring guns with finness for tight groups. You can read about it all day, but IMO for short range plinking and peering… And an entry level gun.  Don’t let hold sensitivity worry you.   You’re not going for X’s.

All that being said, I say get the Benji pumper.  It fits your budget with room for an scope or case, and still have $ for ammo.  No need to learn  how to hold it, and you can keep it at the ready for pesting.  Springers should not stay cocked for extended periods.