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Thanks for your response guys, it’s certainly a refreshing change to be able to air ones concerns on such a forum( forgive the pun), with people who know what their talking about.
I certainly cannot hide my disappointment of the wildcat in terms of build quality and leaking problems. These are basic problems that should have been picked up during QC. At nearly £1000 (1425 dollars approx) that to me is no small amount to pay and expect. What I’ve already got in the FX 400 Royale and it is in my opinion of very high quality , and operates faultlessly.  Having said that the wildcat does perform quite impressively and is accurate at medium distance which  is generally what I operate at,  but as I previously asked is it capable of long distance accuracy such as the Vulcan?has a direct comparison been made. I would like to be able to have the option of hunting at extreme distance if the situation warranted it.
in the light of the above comments I’m certainly warming to the idea of the Vulcan in respect to build quality/accuracy. Who would have thought a Russian PCP would be better than the long established history of fine Swedish engineering in the shape of current FX , perhaps it’s the fact Swedish workers are paid more than their Russian counterparts , and so less goes into the actual product. How knows.