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Everyone’s experience will vary…that’s inevitable.

Bob’s negative experience, and remarks, cannot be overlooked!  His usage may be more vigorous than others who chose to comment, and that may result in wear others may not have experienced.  Many “usage/maintenance variables” must be considered in drawing a solid conclusion based on comments, in lieu of personal experience.

As for my “beginners” remark…admittedly a poor choice of words.  At second glance, “Generation One” of that bullpup model would have been a more accurate statement.  

I can only speak from Vulcan ownership experience, and from reading various posted FX Wildcat remarks on other forums.  Most posters are sincere in their opinions regarding the pcp’s they have owned, and seldom do they all concur.  We all have our favorites and personal opinions.

Let the Wildcat owners speak their mind, as short of actual ownership, this will help other readers draw an informed conclusion.