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I have to make a comment.

Upfront, I will say I did not preorder.  I am in the market for a compressor.

I watched the latest video from and saw the exhaustion on the faces of the gentlemen trying to get information out.  Clearly they have touched a nerve in offering these lower cost compressors to the air gun enthusiast.  We are excited at the prospect of having fast, clean fills at a reasonable price point but have exhibited no patience for delays.

Yes, they have had delays in delivering the compressor.  In defending, a lot of us have ordered products from China and waited a month.  He has commented in regular posts throughout the many forums, that he has sent evaluation comments and recommendations to the Chinese vendor  for improvements.  This clearly takes time for the end product to make it to the end consumer.  He appears to be genuinely offering a product and is trying to ship us a product that meets his standards.  Yes it appears that he has budget and labor constraints but that is not news to us, I believe that is why the product is at a lower cost.  

Clearly is a small business trying to make ends meet.    These forums have many comments is  including that explained the issues, his attempts of resolution, and the subsequent delays that have occurred..

There are many vendors of high priced compressors that are not affordable to most of us, but if you want a proven track record product, it is going to come at a significant cost.

Stop bashing, this does not help anyone.  Please make informed comments that constructive in nature.

Please everyone that has one or is receiving theirs, post your comments, good or bad.  Let us know how much shipping was to the West Coast.  Show an unpacking. open up a Carbon Fiber bottle that been filled once or twice.

That is what will help all of us…