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Those RAW’s sure are nice. Good luck with your build! :) From what I’ve read, it’s well worth the wait (as painful as waiting is). I think there are so many FX threads because they are so popular and have come out with a few very nice rifles in a short amount of time. Lots of people are waiting on orders still and starving for any information they can get their hands on so they know what to expect and (if desired) can set their rifle up the way they want to. Just my opinion. I keep wanting to buy something other than FX but, then they come out with something new, that I end up wanting, right about the time I get my money saved up. I’ve put off buying at least 6 other non-FX rifles due to the Impact, Wildcat, Bobcat, 500, Verminator Extreme, and (most recently) the Independence (even though it’s not new, it moved to the top of my list).