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Communicate !   

Start, heck only you know where to start, but maybe  start with publicly answering ” Strever” on the above link thread.  He seems to indicate he is paid in full and has nom communication on his order think ( and posting his belief) that he is paid in full has waited …..  and thinks you are saying you will ship to a new ( never contacted before) customer in 5-7 days.  
 Perhaps make a list  ( using only initals or screen names but that last one can be a bear) of,
 all customers who have paid in full
where each customer is on your list
customers whose unit’s have already shipped ( or how many units are there, how many have shipped to date, estimate when the last person will get there’s)
customers who need to get the rest of their “deposit”

POST this information and update it as more units ship.

Take the time to communicate!     It WILL save you headache.

 You have a very uncommon in the airgun world business model of asking people to pay up front, ( sure some folks ask for a “deposit” but usally only a token payment of say $100.00 on a $2,000 rifle) naturally they want to be informed, the more information the better.  Post pictures – a fast cell phone pic doesn’t take ;long- of your inventory.
Closed box’s don’t count, show the units. Find a common defect, say a wire which again slows everything down, post a picture of it, one email CAN be sent to all your customers at the same time but posting on your choice of forums would be better.

 Also,  hard as it may be, be NICE!   SMILE!  Happy happy happy airgun times, eh?
You may see “I saved them money” but, you haven’t. You list a price, people pat that price, full price. If your compressor sells for $995.00 and you give me one free, “I” still haven’t saved $1,000.   All verbiage but folks ARE picky , want their toys , want them now, and will read anything negative if  they can . 

 Open communication WILL make your life easier! 

How many compressors do you now have in the shop?
How many are paid in full?
How many are left available?
How many have already shipped?
What is the actual delivery time frame if ordered today?