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Wow guys,

So after saving you nearly a grand and taking the time to make sure your compressors work well, this is how it is ?

We have presales on these new products, with a very small down payment to judge the interest in a product and have an indication of how to proceed in volume.

Yes, we are a small company and yes we are very busy getting these compressors shipped, but only after they are tested.

A few of the electrical components we had to replace to make these compressors right and we take the time to do that at no charge, before we ship them out. Not a big deal, but it took a few days longer than expected.

i suppose we could have shipped these right away, blamed the problems on the Chinese, then sold you the replacement parts to make them more reliable, but that’s not how we do business.

Its a new product guys.

We just want to deliver a decent compressor at a decent price and we appreciate your patience while we get these shipped out.