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Q#2: In your video as mentioned before you show that the barrel on the Mutant and CZ200 are interchangeable and that is the same barrel. Is that correct to assume?

Q#3: People also report the trigger parts ware is extremely fast on these rifles. I think Sergey was the one that said it. The guy in Texas posting the same (Recently, the Mutant was sick. I couldn’t get the hammer to re-engage after shot. This happened after every several (5-6) shots. Then it got more severe in every 2-3 shots, and became mostly every shot. I opened the trigger-box plate and found the sears were engaged (without cocking), which prevented the hammer engagement. Although this does not pose any danger, it was annoying because I have to pull the trigger to disengage the sears first then cock the lever to engage the sears and the hammer for next shot)