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This is my personal opinion…and my opinion only.

I’ve owned FX airguns, and they have produced guns of both excellent quality and guns of no so excellent quality.

The Wildcat is a first generation FX bullpup in that price range, and the price range is not on the high end.  Historically, it seems to me at least, all makers have problems with first generation models.  FX, despite its history of quality is no exception.

The Vulcan is a different class of pcp air gun.  It’s been used hard, user modifications have been tested and found both to fail and to work.  That being said, in the end analysis, the Vulcan is, in my opinion, currently the best quality pcp bullpup I have ever owned.  It is accurate as far as anyone I know can shoot, has no major failures of function or design at this time, and the owner has shown fast reaction to suggestions made by the owners.  Spare parts were sent to me immediately when I tried modifications to quiet the .25 caliber. Factory changes have since been made to further reduce this sound, and a moderator on the end renders it near silent.

A Vulcan, again in my opinion, is a step up in quality and features.  One reason is because it is more expensive in build and quality.  Generally speaking, one gets what you pay for in this sport.

Sell the Wildcat.  It’s a “beginner’s” model of a mid-priced priced bullpup.  I believe it will improve over time, but I also believe for this to happen the price must go up.  The Vulcan is without a doubt a superior air gun, and well worth the additional cost.  The Wildcat is $500 less expensive than the Vulcan, and you are experiencing the reasons why.