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I think Huben plans 3 good importers, but currently only 2 have sample guns. Im sure one of the importers will get trained on how to service the guns. Currently if mine breaks I will be on my own with help from Huben via email. I spent some time looking over the Airgun Nation threads, and I see some expensive airguns that don’t shoot any better than the Huben K1 and not Semi-auto or as powerful as the K1. At 50 yards this gun will shoot ~ dime sized groups at over 1000 fps. So looking back Im not sure all the controversy is fair?

At 75 yards I can do ~1-1.5″ groups of 10 shots. So, my question is what should be expected out of a $1500.00 semi-auto  PCP airgun? What am I missing? I shot my FX Monsoon ($1500.00 gun) and the group I can shoot from it, in the gun vice is only slightly smaller and not even close to the power of the K1. I don’t want to start another beatdown of me here,  BUT is part of the problem the fact the gun was designed and manufactured in Asia (designed in HK and made in China) and not Europe, US, or the UK? The controversy has been crazy!

I wish Petr at TGAG had a K1 so he could give us his thoughts!