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The information that has been provided to you is dead on the money. Let’s go one step further the rings  that we buy (even the high dollar ones) do not set flush on our scopes. We need check them for alignment and surface contact. For the ring to really work for you it needs to have 80-90% of its surface in contact with our scope. Wheeler makes kite for lapping our rings. The most expensive ring I have bought only made 50% surface contact out the box. Some use a tape between the ring and scope to deal with the imperfections.                                                                                                          Now you need to set your gun up so it is level using a small wheeler level on the scope rail. Hang a weight on a rope, this will give you a true vertical. With your rifle  level check your scopes vertical agents the rope. When they line up tighten down your scope rings (no more than 18 inch pound on the screws)                                                                                                                                             The last thing to do is to buy an anti-cant level to mount to your scope now that your rifle and scope are aliened. If you viewed Ted’s impact review you will notes he has one on his scope and the rifles rail. I have them on my high power powder burn, rim fire’s, both PCP’s, and even my RWS Springer. It’s really amazing how without realizing it you can cant your rifle and this makes a big difference in your grouping at long range.  Wizard