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Hi guys
i live in the UK and am new to making an entry onto this site so please bear with me.
ive been watching  this site for over 12 months now and am very impressed at the wealth  of knowledge regarding airguns and its associated ballistics. The UK has no other comparable detailed sites on full powered air guns.
I live  in the far west of Cornwall ( on the western end of the country) and have been using air rifles since the 1990’s .I have previously used a variety of spring powered rifles progressing onto PCPs in the last 2 yrs or so.
I regularly hunt for rabbits,squirrel and wood pigeons, usually out ranges of 50yards.
i currently own FX 400 Royale .22 and the latest FX wildcat .25 both at full power requiring a full firearms licence under the UK firearms law.

Having owned both guns I can categorically state the Wildcat is inferior in terms of build quality. The gun metal around the breech has shown very early signs of rust already. (Only owned it since August and regularly keep it cleaned)In fact when I collected the gun from the dealer rust was present which alarmed me to say the least. I was almost tempted to leave the gun there! I also have a slow leak on the wildcat where it loses 35bar every 10days. Is that a lot? And where’s the air likely to be escaping from.
Accuracy  of the wildcat is good but not sure how accurate it is at distances of up to one hundred yards. 
i hear accounts that the Vulcan .25 is very accurate at these ranges but how does it compare with the wildcat. Is the CZ barrel better at extreme ranges than the FX ST barrels. Nobody appears to have made a direct comparison in video form with both guns side by side but on the other hand FX appears to win the competitions in the USA, so what’s the deal? Is the Vulcan superior than FX in terms of long range accuracy.

I’m very seriously considering selling my wildcat in favour of getting the .25 Vulcan. Your feedback would very be welcomed.