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Sorry NO science explanations from me. Wont stop me from typing though as someone with TOO much information ( never TOO much but sometimes my head hurts) will come along.

 IF your barrel was set up just right, hand lapped crowned lead, ……. just shoot, don’t even clean.
Naturally this does NOT apply to most airguns as most company’s just grab a barrel ( hopefully something decent ) machine it to fit, install & sell that puppy.  This leaves all the micro ( and macro and,…) burrs in the bore. On some rifles  with very minor burrs etc. just shooting pellets will lay them down so they at least face forward, this improves shooting, somewhat, lead also fills in grooves – as in machine marks & such not rifling – which can indeed help again.
As the bore fills in, smooths out (?) often a rifle will shoot better, and after cleaning will sometimes require a few ( 10-50 ish?) shots to “lead up” and shoot as it did before it got too dirty, an awful balance.
 Nothing replacers or works as well as a properly prepared bore.