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“Ginuwine1969”Not sure what p gravel is can you post a picture of it or a link.


Its gravel that has been pulverized for putting on dirt roads. Small stones with stone dust, its also called “screenings” around here too. You could use any type of small stones. They have real small river stones or Lava rock, at Lowes and Home depot, and may have screenings. Lava rocks work Great, but they are light and cost more.

I’m sure there are other things that you could use as a filler, just remember,… it has to be light enough to move up and heavy enough to enclose the pellet and not move around the trap or knock the trap over. The p gravel acts like dry jell.  

If you viewed the vid above you can see what it looks like. If the right one didn’t play, just Google:  edgun 1avid tips    choose 1avid tips and tricks.
Its common around here in NC, where are you?  

I use my trap anywhere, its so quiet. I made it all by recycling what I have.
I’ve made metal traps, but my .25cal edgun, just didn’t last. I was repairing it all the time.
Hope this helps, best of luck. Let me know if you need more info, Keeneye