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MY Best Pellet trap. Quiet, Safe, Cheep!

Instead of throwing away containers like my wife wishes I would, I thought of filling up a large container with p gravel (Some may call it screenings). I leave about 1” room for movement. It acts like dry jell. (It moves up till the pellets momentum if equalized, then encases the pellet.) Nobody knows I’m shooting cause it makes hardly “No Sound”. I have a .25 cal Edgun and I think it would work for higher cal. too. You might have to leave more space at the top, but it should work.

It lasts for ever, cause I use duct tape to hold it together and keep the p gravel from falling out. I rotate it as well. 

You can recycle the lead as well, just sift out the p gravel. You can also use the p gravel over.

The cons: if water get in and freezes, the pellet will bounce off, so be wise. Also don’t shoot in the top 1”area.

Heres a link if you want to see it in action. This is a partial review on a Gamo. My cameras kept freezing, I guess, or running out of juice. The whole thing is just a few minutes. But if you want to skip to “tip time” at about .48.
Hope it helps and you like it.  If the below link doesn’t work “Google”    edgun 1avid tips    choose 1avid tips and tricks