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That’s an interesting tag… Welcome to the forum.

I suspect many of us began our second childhoods with a Gamo. After eight years with a Varmint Hunter, I finally decided I wanted more in accuracy. In October of last year I ordered a Daystate Wolverine B Hilite from Airguns of Arizona. Now, within the confines of my backyard (15 yards) I am able to place .22 pellet on top of .22 pellet repeatedly. I gave the Gamo to a friend. Recently, I put down the money to get on a waiting list for the FX Impact in .25. When my budget recovers from the expense of that rifle, I intend to put another spring gun in my collection. Weihrauch makes an under-lever fixed barrel called the HW97 and the whole world acclaims its accuracy.

Two things I wanted to convey in response to your posts:
1. I firmly believe a well placed .22 pellet will dispatch any coon. I have a couple of the marauding little varmints on my agenda here in Colorado. You shouldn’t need to put heavier lead through your air gun to take one out. If you are restricted to .177, put one into the cranial cavity. I’m sure it will work. Watch what those Brits do on YouTube with their 12 ft/lb restricted guns!
2. I will be 60 years old in April. I have had a love affair with pipe smoking since I was 18. I own a few custom freestyles and if you were to go through my collection, I guess Savinelli would fall out as my favorite. Anyway, I would very much like to see some of your “amateur” work.