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I’m left handed too and have never liked or owned a right handed bolt action rifle.  That being said, I don’t mind a right hand side lever, especially a forward position on a bullpup.  My first bullpup purchase was an Mrodair P-12.   It came with a right hand bolt at the rear of the action.  The design is fairly simple so I had a local machinist convert the bolt from the right side to the left.  My next bullpup purchase was a Taipan Mutant standard which has a reversible sidelever.  I converted it to the left but after using it awhile I switched it back to right hand.   I like keeping my left hand on a pistol grip or a thumbhole grip when I’m shooting, especially off of a bench rest.  I appreciate the fact that Air Arms and Daystate are both lefty friendly PCP manufacturers.  Air Arms has left hand stock options using a side lever and Daystate has both lefty and ambidextrous stocks with easily reversible bolt actions or true lefty bolts in their older models.  Given that Fred Axxelson is a left hander himself, I’ve never understood why FX does not cater at all to left handers.   It is not an engineering impossiblity to make reversible bolts, sidelever actions, and ambidetrous stocks and cheekpieces. Left handers make up 10-15% of the population which is a significant market segment to ignore.