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Another thought occurs to me, Wlbryce.  I hunted exclusively with handguns for almost 40 years.  Back when I started there were no manufacturers making decent hunting loads so I cast my own bullets, worked up my own reloads, and learned to accurize my revolvers and semis.  My standard was that any revolver or auto had to be able to group 5 rounds inside 2″ at 50 yards.  Two of the tricks I used on revolvers were to firelap the barrels (load mild loads with cast bullets lubed with lapping compound) and shoot them until the barrel was mirror smooth, and secondly to recut the forcing cones to 11 degrees to allow for slight variances in barrel/chamber alignment using a hand reaming tool from Brownell’s:

A couple of questions.  Have you marked the chambers of the 19-round magazine and tried firing groups using a single chamber (would test the theory of whether there is an issue of cylinder/breech alignment.)?  Secondly, is there an O-ring between the cylinder/magazine face and barrel breech?  If you test fire a group using a single chamber and find that it eliminates flyers and there is no O-ring, then the solution might be to ream the barrel breech to a slightly wider taper.