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Great, Wlbryce; glad they’re showing promise.  Fascinating that the groups tightened up at slower velocity; as I noted in my email, Tom Gaylord posted a couple of years ago that the Piledrivers would require 1100 fps to stabilize.  But they also shoot pretty well out of my Marauder at slower velocity as well.

Could the key here be mass (My theory is that there are fluctuations in the valve opening of the Huben creating pneumatic resonance waves that are changing from shot to shot and the larger mass of the 30 gr Piledriver is helping to dampen these pressure waves before exiting the barrel.  It would explain why lower velocities yielded better groups; more barrel time for the waves to stabilize.).  I know they will be expensive, but I would test the theory by ordering out 40 and 45 grainers from Mr. Hollowpoint in the appropriate diameter:

Keep up the good work, amigo.