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 Thank you for the continued updates. Lot’s of good info and pictures. 
Personally “I” likely will never need one, not really “my” thing but it has it’s own cool factor  ( love the old crosman 600 and people pay up to $600 for a reworked- longer barrel & “hot” valve & paint) so it seems it would be a value to many folks. “I” though the very first groups you posted were outstanding given all the facts , new design not included,
with the pellet used and over 1,000fps, number of shots fired for target, a DARN good hunting group, what’s to complain about? 
Looking at all the pictures ( and I found some more else where showing slightly more disassembled parts, not sure who posted them elsewhere) it doesn’t seem service would be all that bad once accustomed to it. Not as easy to clean the barrel as some but barrel cleaning on a very smooth – hand lapped- barrel if you use say clean JSB pellet really doesn’t need to be done often at all.
The “blow through the revolver cylinder” thing should work alright and your groups are MUCH better than say the ARS 6 dul / resurrected by evanix  “double action” pistol and rifle copy, and, the huben is simi-auto and folks purchased the exanix and were happy with 6 or so shots all dropping in velocity, this rifle beats the heck out of that one.
 Ten years ago a company could have sold ton’s of these as is, out the door no further work and people would have raved. Not sure whats changed. Can a $2,000- $4,500 BR airgun shoot better groups, well yes it likely would be it is a TOTALLY different beast.
 I do know one BP guy that will be his first pre-charged airgun the day these hit the US, it is exactly what he ( and likely many more PB types like him) have been waiting for.
Note:  while I wouldn’t buy one I certainly would like to try one and wouldn’t thrown one out if someone gave me one.

Keep us posted.