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There is Hope!

rockymtbiker  (thank you!)  Sent me some old mfg Pile  Drivers to shoot. I did not get a chance to shoot a bunch of them, but enough to know that they can shoot good. I borrowed a gun vice and mounted the Huben up so it takes my poor long range shooting out of the equation. I did not have enough pellets to use my hi power scope so I used the sighted in 3X that is already on the gun. I then got the gun shooting well at 75 yards with the Predator pellets. From there I transitioned to the pile drivers. At 1050 fps the group was 5″ and more, I then started moving downward shooting groups of 3-5 pellets. I found that going SLOWER was better than faster. The final group was shot at 825 fps.

This was a 12 round group at 75 yards with the gun mounted in a solid gun vice. I have no clue on the 2 “flyers” I did have some light wind. The gun was shooting upper dead center between the left and right target squares with the light predator pellets. So the group moved down and to the left. Not sure why it moved to the left? I understand moving down.

I did not have the pellets or the optics to go out to 100 yards.
Open to suggestions?