Reply To: Diablo



Yes Sharroff’s review did add a lot to the info out there on the Alpha. I have never been able to find photos of the inside. Thanks again Sharroff! The Alpha does seem to be designed to be a proper moisture filter for use with PCP airguns and their particular pumping equipment needs. Like how it holds pressure after you disconnect the gun thus saving time the next time you use it especially with the slow Shoebox compressor. Linsfreak with the size of these two filters I can see it taking 10 to 20 minutes just to fill them to 3,000 psi from 0 with my Shoebox Max before any air actually starts going into your tank. Also the fact that the Diablo doesn’t have valves means that it is open to the air and will absorb moisture from wherever it is stored. Of course you can always plug the openings with something.  Just something else to think about.