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Yup, just keep trying.  And yes the barrel mount would be THE worst. I’ve shot an rws54 with a short bi-pod and as long as rested on the table it grouped great. If you held it it shot exactly 1″ Directly on a Caldwell front bad shooter supported rear it shot just in-between. Now if you belly flopped – bi-pod on ground- it was a guessing game, rock hard ( really, large rock) and it shot 1-1/2″ higer at 27 yards, soft mushy grass, just don’t even try. 
As long as it was shot the same way every time ( except mushy ground) it grouped well.
I owned a 48/52 that shot well off sticks.  Now it was tuned, and you do meantion seeing “tuned” rifles shoot one hole, perhaps you are at the stage where you  would truly benefit from a tune?  It certainly can make a difference and you might well enjoy the benefits of a home tune? 
A good number of break barrel folks in Field Target use sticks, a ” bog-pod” with the stop tabs ( inside the main body) so the legs go all the way out there is very popular and you do need to make certain the stix are in the exact same spot every shot.
Keep us posted.