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These are knock-offs. DHgate is A Chinese importer I believe. It shipped directly from Hong Kong and was at my door, DHL, in 5 days. I’m typically a purist, but I couldn’t see spending 300 on a bi-pod that gets gentle use. I’m going to throw one on the M-14 and beat the hell out of it this spring, to see how it holds up. I can do it because they are so cheap. Most here that have them like them. See how fast they sell when one hits the classifieds. I have to say I’m impressed with them, from my airgun use. They lock up tight. They are solid. Well put together. All mechanics work flawlessly. They could have left the Atlas name off them. I have another one being delivered next week for my .22 Cricket. The biggest thing is the silver locking lugs are not as thick and are not perfectly milled and the throw lever isn’t perfectly milled. But, they lock up tight and solid on mine.

Note: I would not trust one with my life, I would go Atlas. And I trust my Duty Weapons and systems everyday with my life, and the Public’s. I guess Im saying, Go real for real world. Atlas is one of the best, But, this is just an airgun to me after all

Here it is on the .25