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cj_86Anyone know how to adjust a FX regulator without special tools? I disassembled a Royale 500 completely and I marked how many turns on the regulator nuts it took to disassemble. I’m hoping that on reassembly, applying the same number of turns too keep the original setting. Also, when gun is reassembled I can fill to 160 bar and shoot a string until I see the fps drop off and record my pressure gauge level? If I’m thinking correctly that should be where my regulator pressure is dropping off? Haha I’m kind of just winging it and I didn’t know if someone had some tricks they can share with me.

*I disassembled because I’m resealing the gun btw.


Yes that gives a rough idea about the regulator setting. However I don’t think that without a special tool you can set the regulator to an exact pressure. Marking the number of turns and then reassembling to the same may not get the regulator back to its exact original setting, it may be off by 5 to 10 bars.