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:-).  Yes, but let me fantasize a moment about what would have been overwhelming:

1.  Air Arms unveiled their new bullpup with a full shroud and 310cc reservoir (thus eliminating the barrel/cylinder gap).  Housed in a lightweight carbon fiber stock and available in .177, .22 and .25 caliber, the new bullpup weighs only 6 pounds in carbine format and will be available unregulated for $1099; $1199 regulated.

2.  Air Gun Technology actually had a booth and displayed its new Vulcan .30.

3.  American Air Arms actually had a booth and displayed its new Slayer Pup with forward cocking lever and, thanks to holes CDC’d in its metal stock, weighing only 6 lbs.  It promises 60 shots in .25 caliber at 50 ft-lbs.

4.  Crossman, after more than 3 years observing the growth of bullpup craze, unveiled its Marauder based bullpup priced at only $500.  Crossman also announced that it finally has solved the issue of how to manufacture a .22 barrel without overboring and promised that all future  .22 caliber Marauder rifles and bullpups would be able to compete on the world stage in accuracy.

5.  Edgun actually had a booth and unveiled a new carbon fiber stock to compliment the laminated stock announced earlier.  In carbon fiber form the RM3 will weigh only 5.8 lbs.

5.  Kalibrgun announced its new Colibri semi-automatic bullpup in .177, .22 and .25 calibers.  It also announced that a carbon fiber stock option would lower the weight of its .25 Cricket to only 4.95 lbs.

6.  A NEW AIRGUN COMPANY announced that it was producing a bullpup airgun for the 21st Century.  Aluminum barrel, titanium reservoir of 310cc capable of being filled to 3600 psi, carbon fiber stock and regulated, it weighs only 4.5 lbs in .25 caliber and produces 50 shots at 50 ft-lbs of energy.

There’s always the IWA in March; who knows? 🙂