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  I have a Leapes/UTG 30mm tube 3-12 x 44 swat w/the etched glass reticle in the short version, it has been on the gun for a little over two years. I have had no problems at all. My shooting buddy got the long version for his new HW 97KT also no problems, other than he didn’t order it with the  etched glass reticle, he ended up with the wire reticle which is quite fat. They come w/weaver rings, that of course do you no good on the R1, but the 30mm medium dovetail rings from UTG work just fine and only cost $11.00, and I think the short scope looks great on the R1( sorry no pictures ).
 A couple of months ago we were trying to figure out why his reticle was so mutch fatter than mine, and found out the difference, but in doing so saw that PA had the short scope for only $149.00.
  Hope this helps you out. Best of luck.