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I have a number of rental properties and over the years have had such things happen. Bottom line is this. If you file a police report nothing will come of it other then pissing you off at the process and lack of interest. Doesn’t cost anything though. If the police actually caught some kid they won’t tell you who it is if they are under 18. If they caught someone and you find out who your only recourse is to take them to small claims court and if you win they will more then likely still not pay you. This would be if it was a minor and you sued the parents. Everything you do to recoupe damages will cost you. Filing fees. Chances are your insurances has at least a 500.00 deductible so no help there. I’ve learned to just write it off to the cost of doing business and try not to let it bother me. The one thing you might do is talk to the people across the street and let them know what happened. Maybe they have a kid they will grill. Just my experience¬†